When You Need A Tax Attorney

Fresh Tax helps taxpayers resolve their tax issues and get them in compliance with the IRS. 

Handling your tax case on your own can be daunting and complicated but is definitely possible if you put everything in your life on hold and just focus on your tax debt. However, the benefits of having a tax attorney work on your IRS tax case may increase your chances of receiving a successful outcome with the IRS aggressively. 

Finding an attorney before you are in financial trouble or before the IRS takes action may be the preventive and proactive measure you need to finally resolve your IRS tax liability case. 

Being Audited

A tax attorney’s legal representation and assistance can tremendously help mediate with the IRS after or before an audit. A competent tax attorney may help settle your back taxes for less than your existing balance by making an offer in compromise, applying a currently non-collectible, seeking a penalty abatement, or requesting an affordable payment plan

Negotiating with the IRS

Providing a tax attorney with a power of attorney allows your tax attorney to legally represent you in front of the IRS on your behalf. A tax attorney understands IRS notices and the complex languages used to interpret your specific standing with the IRS. 

Received an IRS Notice or CP

The IRS generates letters and sends them in the mail. Most of these letters will be titled CP (ex. CP 2000) These notices inform taxpayers about a specific matter which could be anywhere from an error on a tax return to a tax debt reminder. These letters may throw you off and having a qualified tax attorney can help alleviate your tax situation. 

Criminal Charges

When the IRS is assigned and is seeking criminal charges you will need a tax attorney. Tax fraud and tax evasion are common causes of IRS investigations. To avoid or reduce the hefty fines or even prison sentences consider hiring a good tax attorney. 

How Does a Tax Attorney Help? 

A tax attorney specializes in dealing with the IRS and is a qualified tax advocate. In addition to negotiating and speaking with the IRS on your behalf, a tax attorney may be able to discourage the IRS from pursuing tasteless lines of questioning. A tax attorney also understands complex tax issues and the process of necessary tax relief. 

Having an attorney that specializes in tax law and has years of practice that understands the intricacies of your tax law may have a positive impact on your case with the IRS. A tax attorney is also familiar with setting up a plan of action that works best for resolving your specific case and is unlikely to be intimidated by IRS representatives. 

A tax attorney maintains attorney-client privilege, securing the discussion is confidential by law. Attorneys are not forced to share the information they know about your case in trial, hearing, and even depositions. Speaking freely about your case and brainstorming solutions will remain confidential.

Ready to Qualify for Tax Relief?

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