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Welcome to Fresh Tax Solutions

Fresh Tax Solutions has helped thousands of American taxpayers resolve their tax issues and eliminate their liability. 

Who Are We

Fresh Tax Solutions is a tax resolution firm that serves taxpayers throughout the United States and can help resolve IRS Tax Issues. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer exceptional service to people in need and get the best possible results with your specific tax situation and put your tax debt issue behind you.  

What We Do



Why choose Fresh Tax?

Your freedom is our mission. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping you resolve your debt painlessly.  


What is tax relief?

Tax relief is negotiating a settlement with the IRS.


How do I qualify?

There are three main factors the IRS looks at when reducing a tax liability: Income, Expenses, Assets. 


How long is the process?

Average time frame 3-6 months.


What is the fresh start program?

The Fresh Start Initiative Program provides tax relief to taxpayers who owe money to the IRS.


Is the onboarding process simple?

Yes, our team will help you onboard and will hold your hand through the process. 

Why Choose Us?

Our tax resolution experts will work individually on your case using the best practices. 

At Fresh Tax Solutions, we pride ourselves to make sure your tax issue is handled with utmost care and compassion. 

Our clients have trusted us for years to find the best tax resolutions possible. By using a proven method we have saved our clients millions. 

With over 10 years of experience our experts will work relentlessly to solve your tax debt. You will be at ease while we do all the heavy lifting.


Learn how easy it is to start saving today.

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Ready to Qualify for Tax Relief?

Are you considering or want to learn about the IRS Fresh Start Program? Speak with a tax relief expert today. Call us at (866)211-4564 or submit a simple form.