Currently Non-Collectible

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What is Currently Non-Collectible?

Currently Non- Collectible is a status that a taxpayer will be placed in if the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can’t collect any owed taxes or penalty charges. 

How Do You Qualify For Currently Non-Collectible Status?

To qualify for the currently non collectible status you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Compliant with the IRS (i.e all tax years are filled)
  • Unemployed and have no other form of income.
  • A few years left on the 10- year statute of limitation the IRS has to collect your tax debt. 
  • After basic living expenses, you have no money left to pay the IRS 
  • Gross annual income below $84,000
  • Only source of income is from Social Security Benefits, Unemployment Benefits, or Welfare.

Is Currently Non-Collectible Status Right For You?

Currently Non-Collectible is a status unlike the other three IRS Fresh Start Programs.  

CNC stops any collection activities such as wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens and threatening letters from the IRS. Currently Non-Collectible will not remove IRS tax debt but only place a hold on any further action. 

Currently Non- Collectible status doesn’t last forever and the taxpayer must be prepared to take appropriate action as soon as the CNC status is lifted. This status allows tax payer to plan accordingly with peace of mind without the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) coming after you with threatening letters.


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